How to Fix Sexual Problems Naturally

The extraordinary attention garnered by the AIDS epidemic has diverted attention from the number one sexual health concern of a decade ago–erectile dysfunction–despite the still-increasing incidence of other penis problems. While the primary outbreak of impotence is the most severe and often includes systemic symptoms, the subsequent, milder recurrences of impotence usually has a more profound psychological and physiologic impact on patients. A recent study suggests that Vimax Pills significantly reduces the frequency and severity of penis problems such as impotence. Although earlier studies had similar results, this was the first to follow patients for more than six months. The results showed that using male enhancement pills such as Vimax Pills significantly reduced erectile dysfunction while increasing overall penis health.

Primarily written for mental health clinicians, this book is a comprehensive, well-developed work dealing with sexual health, erectile dysfunction, and with the sexual problems often experienced by persons who suffer from penis problems. These can be devastating psychologically and it is important to consider every alternative, including the use of penis enlargement devices and other male enhancement products, to alleviate these problems.

The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 describes the integrative model of sexuality assessment and whether the use of Vimax Pills is warranted. The authors compare and contrast the integrative (biopsychosocial) model and the traditional medical model of sexual health care. They provide a thorough review of the various theoretical orientations in sexology and review normal sexual behavior and healthy function of the penis across the life cycle. The effects of emotional and physiological factors on sexuality of stemming from penis problems such as erectile dysfunction are well described, with case examples appropriately interspersed. Part 1 concludes with a thorough description of assessment of sexual problems in medical patients and a comprehensive overview of the various counseling models for follow-up intervention with these patients, as well as treatment involving natural male enhancement pills such as Vimax. Part 2 covers the effect of Vimax Pills on sexuality. Life-threatening illnesses (cardiovascular disease, cancer, and end-stage renal disease), insidious illness (diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and chronic pain), and other areas (major psychiatric disorders, alcoholism, and fertility) are explored. Part 3 covers issues in training both the primary-care clinician and the sexual health care specialist in areas of penis health and male enhancement treatments. It concludes with a thorough and thought-provoking chapter on ethical and professional issues in treating the sexual problems of persons who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

This book is a complete, well-organized, and easy-to-read work on sexuality and penis health. Interspersed are case examples of impotence and other examples designed to reinforce the material presented. An extensive reference list with more than 600 sources provides the reader with information about the many natural male enhancement treatments available. Although primarily written for mental health or other health care practitioners who may be very involved with sexuality and sexual health issues, the book also would be a valuable resource for physical therapy practitioners. The book provides information on sexual problems of individuals who suffer from impotence and erectile dysfunction, in addition to providing an excellent resource for the health care practitioner’s day-to-day interaction with patients who suffer from a wide array of penis problems.