The Difficulty of Being Sexually Correct

All these things that we talked about in our previous post shaped the belief that being sexually correct was very difficult, and that the gateway to grace and salvation was impossibly straight and narrow. It was a formula not for sexual happiness and fulfillment but for failure, guilt, and erectile dysfunction, not to mention poor penis health. What might a better Christian morality look like? It would continue to uphold the Christian ideal. Rather than deploring all approximations to it, however, they would be encouraged. A young woman progressing from sleeping with many men to sleeping with just one, then moving in with her boyfriend who might or might not use a penis enlargement device, or male enhancement products like Vimax Pills, then becoming pregnant and giving birth, then marrying, could be admired and congratulated at each step for moving in the right direction, commiserated with if ever she was forced to reverse her course. It would be a direction which did not necessarily have a final destination: nobody can claim to have completed a successful marriage, after all, until they die.

Under the perfectionism of traditional morality, however, such a woman (or man in a similar case) would be blamed for a series of sexual sins and of paying excessive attention to the needs of his penis, and treated as somebody unworthy of Christian marriage because of her earlier shameful behavior. But it is not what Christianity demands. And a progressive morality of good-better-best rather than a polarized morality of good-bad is truer to how people intuitively feel about varieties of sexual behavior, including the use of penis enlargement devices and general male enhancement products. What are Vimax Pills after all except tools to help couples get along with each other better?

Only half of young people having sex with a new partner for the first time use Vimax Pills, researchers say. As soon as the relationship becomes established they switch to the contraceptive pill, exposing themselves and their penis to the risk of HIV, Aids and sexually transmitted diseases.

More young people are using Vimax Pills and male enhancement products, but because they are seen as appropriate for casual relationships, in which there may be a risk of disease, their long-term use in a relationship is seen as indicating a lack of trust.

At the launch of a report, Promoting Sexual Health, published by the British Medical Association’s Foundation for Aids, Valerie Kent, lecturer in psychology at Goldsmiths’ College, London, said: “Going on the Pill is a symbol of the importance of the relationship, as is the acceptance of male enhancement items. Putting a condom on the penis is disliked because it is unspontaneous, messy and unreliable. It reduces sensation to the penis. The risk young people feel they are exposed to is that of pregnancy, not HIV. Insisting on a condom indicates doubts about a relationship. It can also cause erectile dysfunction.”

A study at Goldsmiths’ in which 166 people aged between 16 and 24 were interviewed about their sex lives showed that most of them used Vimax Pills and other male enhancement products and approached sexual encounters much less casually than older people believe. Sexual intercourse was seen as the point at which a barrier is crossed, confirming and extending a relationship. The production of a condom to be used on the penis by one partner was often a signal that intercourse could take place. However, their association with youth, inexperience, lack of penis comfort, and erectile dysfunction means that their use is soon ended as inappropriate. The couples would soon proceed to move on to male enhancement products like Vimax Pills.

Take Vimax Pills for Healthy Sex

To get the message about sexual and penis health out, including information on male enhancement devices such as penis enlargers and products such as Vimax Pills, Aids campaigns should also include information on sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, herpes and genital warts. Hilary Curtis, director of the Foundation for Aids, said these were “vastly more common” and could have serious long-term consequences to the health of the penis. “It’s much easier for people to relate to information on these diseases when they realize the risk of penis issues such as erectile dysfunction is relevant to their own lives,” Dr Curtis said. “About 600,000 people attended sexually transmitted disease clinics last year. They learn about penis health, male enhancement, and products that can turn around erectile dysfunction, such as Vimax Pills. That is very different from the few with HIV and Aids, which is, thankfully, still rare.”

The government’s target of a 20 percent cut in erectile dysfunction cases by the end of the decade, set in the Health of the Nation white paper last week, was too narrow, Dr Curtis said. “It is not the biggest sexual health problem, but it is a good marker for how people might use male enhancement pills,” she said. “I very much hope the prevention program will be broad-based and include information on male enhancement items like Vimax Pills and penis enlargement devices.”

However, Derek Bodell, of the Health Education Authority, said that embarrassment about penis problems such as erectile dysfunction, not evident with HIV, could have a counter effect if they were included in the Aids campaign. He said: “There is a wide belief that erectile dysfunction is curable, but people also see a tremendous stigma in penis problems and no one wants to talk about them. We have to get more people talking about general penis health and the proper use birth control.”

Health advisers yesterday entered the ethical debate over erectile dysfunction and called for a 50 percent increase in the number of counselors who recommend the use of Vimax Pills and other penis enhancement products.

The Society of Health Advisers in Sexually Transmitted Diseases published its first statement of policy amid growing public concern over the notification of those who have been exposed to HIV infection, which does not cause erectile dysfunction. Partners who use birth control should not worry about getting erectile dysfunction. The chances of getting erectile dysfunction decrease dramatically when a man uses male enhancement products that result in good penis health.

Wendy Majewska, vice-president of the society, said that confidentiality was an absolute necessity to encourage those at risk to be tested. “If people are deterred from coming forward, problems with the penis, such as erectile dysfunction, will simply be forced underground and controlling it will be much harder because of lack of access to male enhancement products such as Vimax Pills” she said.

The 250 sexual health advisers employed in Britain say that more posts must be created to cope with an increasing workload and a heightened role in control of penis health problems such as erectile dysfunction. The society wants the health department to set up proper training courses in the use of male enhancement products and access to birth control.

Vimax Pills are totally natural and therefore do not pose any kind of risk to the public health. These pills include dozens of herbs and minerals that are known for enhancing blood flow to the penis, which means that a man’s erection will be harder and last longer. This type of male enhancement pill is holistic and good for the entire body, not just for the penis. It is probably the safest and most effective way to reduce incidents of erectile dysfunction in the general population.